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    I've noticed that when using my Cardo Scala headset with my Sprint 755p, after a call, I need to wait about 10-15 seconds for the headset to be ready to use again. If I make another call right away, the headset won't connect and the person I'm calling can't hear me.

    I can't figure out if this is a phone or headset issue. The headset is a couple of years old, but I didn't have this problem with my Verizon 650.

    On the bright side, my head set rings much faster with the 755p than with my olds phone. It used to be 5-7 seconds that a call would ring before I could pick it up with my headset, now it's like 1-2 seconds.

    Nothing critical, just wondering if anyone had any thoughts.
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    I could probably write a book on 7 series hdset issues. But I won't.

    My Dad has a 650 w/ no hdset issues. I have a 700p w/ software _-1.10 and this "underscore" 1.10 version software made absolutely no diff in the hdset performance.

    Upgraded to a 755p and it was the exact same issues. Probably tried half the hdsets on Palm's "compatible" list of hdsets and none of them worked properly.

    Tried a Jawbone and it works great - no disconnecting issues.

    Have yet to try it on the 700.

    Good Luck. BTW I had a Blackberry pearl for 1 day and hated it, but BT hdsets worked perfect and a much better signal strength. (VZW)

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