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    i need to know how to delete the prog that sprint has put on the phone like get good downlaods and others i dont not want the logos there any help would be apperiated im using a treo 755p
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    they are in the rom. Currently there is no way t remove them. You could use one of the programs that will hide applications from the launcher.
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    well that sucks..thanks for schoolin me...i been comin here prob for around 2 yrs every since i got my 1st treo love the site yall keep up the good work
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    There is a freeware app called "Hide Applications Panel" that will launch from your Preferences that will allow you to hide the apps you don't want to see. There are also some paid apps, Invisible comes to mind, but why pay if you can do the job for free with the freeware. Be mindful, however, that if you have a third party launcher those apps will show up again. Most lauchers have a way to hide apps as well. Here is a link to the Hide Applications Panel app:
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    I use Zlauncher, so I just move the links for the apps that I don't use to a tab that I don't normally look at, such as "System".

    So basically they are out of the way.
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    thanks agaon

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