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    I see alot of post on this site and other sites talking about bad experiences with agents. Well I have a good experience that I would like to share.

    I just picked up this phone and I went looking for a spare battery for the 755p. I walked into the Sprint store and asked if they had any in stock. The agent showed me the extended battery and then asked if I had the blue color. I answered with I have the green and I am with Verizon. (Verizon had no batteries and I needed to get one quickly. as I am leaving on a trip.) With no hesitation he said "Well I am glad to be able to help you". He said that they did not have any of the regular batteries in stock and said just one moment. He went into the back and came out with a battery. He asked to see my phone and then compared the batteries. He handed me a battery and said "I had this one laying around in the back, you can have it." I asked if I could pay for it and he response was, I cannot charge you for it because you don't have an account. But if you promise to send people looking for Sprint to me or if you decide to change to Sprint and come to me that will be payment enough.

    I definitely will send people to him if I come across anyone that is looking for Sprint service. I doubt that I will change but if I do I will pay him a visit also.
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    Not to sound like a Sprint hoarder but the SERO plan is second to none. If your contract ends soon, think about the SERO plan.
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    There are plenty of silver linings in the clouds at Sprint. Believe it or not.

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    I have had great experiences with sprint. a friend of mine had the same phone as me, but with verizon, and they have consistently sent her crappy refurbished replacements for her constantly breaking 700p. I walked in to a sprint store when my blue tooth was acting up. they ordered me a brand new 755 at no charge. earlier, when i first got my 700, i had a bit of trouble with my battery life. walked in to a sprint store and the rep gave me a brand new battery at no charge.
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