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    I've read other people have installed Goodlink on it successfully but I am having a problem. I browsed the web on the phone, downloaded the OTA setup, ran the install, typed in the user's information - email and PIN then I got stuck with a message saying that GoodLink is not supported. Please let me know how I can resolve this issue.
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    I am not sure if the new GMM 5.0 MR1 patch allows it to be installed on the BJII.

    Otherwise, i don't see it as a certified device on the Good Online Portal.

    This is ATT, i'm guessing?
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    I've successfully installed Good Mobile on my BlackJack 2. (both versions 4.9 and 5.0)

    I just used your basic OTA set up, it worked flawlessly.

    Unfortunately though, I am having some problems with it.

    1) I canít not dial by name!!
    2) Good shortcut keys do not function.

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    Service Release 1 of GMM 5.0 was released yesterday and provides support for the BJ2. We should have the portal updated soon.
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    So what do I have to do? Update my server to 5.0 SR1 then OTA setup will work?
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    Disregard... I just had to deploy the latest client from the server via software policy. The server still at 4.9 did not have to be upgraded.
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    Does SR1 of GMM 5.0 support the Samsung i-760
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    Thanks for the response, any idea when!!!!!
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    Support for i760 is up on the website now, as a "registered" status.

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