I've had my 680 for 13 months (so the warranty is expired). Got a Palm GPS ed. 3 for Christmas. First time I plugged in the supplied car-charge cord, 680 screen went black, no buttons worked, had to pull battery to reset. Now, the LED is always RED, the battery reports that it's 100% and charging, all the time, even when it's not plugged in. Tried all the resets, including several hard ones -- that LED is stuck on red. Palm tech on the phone insisted it was my battery, so I bought a new one. No change in LED and icon behavior. What can I do about this? (Butler's LED reset has no effect, though it can change it from always red to always green).

Also, the GPS unit itself only has a power lifetime of about an hour when it's not plugged in. Could this be right? If I plug it into the Palm-supplied car-charge cord, it drains the GPS battery.

What'ya think?