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    Ok so I just got everything to get my phone up and working, and I put my 3G card into its slot, and when I turn the Phone on, it pauses for a second or two, and then says "Your Phone Cannot Be Used With This SIM Card".

    I went to the AT&T store and they said that the phone is not a AT&T phone, but it loads their program and everything. I bought the phone as brand new and then I even updated it to the 1.17-CNB release.

    I'm getting sick of dicking with this phone and if something isn't handled pretty quick, I'm gona get my money back.
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    Treo 650 is not capable of 3G. EDGE only. If you put a 3G enabled SIM in it, it will choke since GSM UMTS uses 2 separate channel for data & voice. Look on the phone info, you will see 2 phone lines listed.
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    if it is CNB (cingular blue), then a cingular orange SIM card will not work unless you get the phone unlocked. The 3G sim is a cingular orange SIM (what everything is now after the merger, although they changed the name bat to AT&T)
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