Does anyone use Winamp to make playlists for their Treo (Ptunes on a 700p)?? The wife just got an Ipod for Xmas, but since I still run win2K the latest version of Itunes don't work. I found that Winamp with the appropriate plugin works just fine.

I haven't been big into music before, but with all my playing around trying to get the Ipod working I figured I might as well also put this effort towards my 700p. I actually find the Winamp interface to be a bit better than the Itunes interface, though I have very limited time with Itunes.

Anyway, winamp will notice the treo as a "portable device" and can send audio/video files to it. It does however stick the files in the / directory instead of /audio. Also the playlist while recognized by pTunes points to locations ptunes can't find the files. If I let ptunes search for music it will find the songs and play them, just not from the playlist.

I've only played around for a few minutes as most of my effort was setting up the wife's toy. In the past I've used windows media player as Ptunes suggest but found the interface clunky.

Just hoping there is a better way.