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    According to their webpage, this is still pretty new/unfinished stuff, but it's pretty neat.

    It can scan for unprotected background apps and databases and list the ones which need locking, it can lock them (no thanks, I'll keep RLock , it scans for zero entries in the PIM databases (interesting, dbfix doesn't complain about 'em, but this says they could cause problems) and can fix them, it can scan for some other potential problems.

    I dunno if it's verging on "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" but it might be a good tool to have in mind if having problems with a Palm. I've let it 'fix' a few things on mine and it's doing a maintenance scan right now, just out of curiousity to see what it comes up with.

    One thing I've gotten out of it was that it tells me Hi-Launcher, FontSmoother, and TakePhone should be locked and aren't. That's cool!
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    It works well. A bit of advise though, before following through on some of its functions, back the device up.

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    I didn't have any stability problems, but Ben is most definitely right, don't go willy nilly deleting stuff.

    My major gripe with this program is it takes eons to do some scans, and one accidental tap of "OK" and you're out of the list.

    It's pretty slow to go through the list too, but that's probably just inherent to this sort of thing.

    I was impressed with its background lock check, until I double-checked and Hi-Launcher, TakePhone, and Fontsmoother were locked by Resco. I wonder why it lists them...
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    TealScan SLOWED my 755p to a crawl!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazzo View Post
    TealScan SLOWED my 755p to a crawl!
    I havent noticed any obvious speed probs with it on my 650. Also, using PalmInternals, I found that uninstalling TealScan actually caused a three second drop in speed (just one test).

    I will keep it on the Card - which may not work if you are using its app locking function, but I use rescolock for that anyway. It suggested three apps that I hadnt thought to lock, including Takephone and CardExport. It didnt pick up on any ones that were already locked.

    I found its instructions on how to deal with orphaned records very helpful, and I was able to delete over a 100 items (mostly from a brief "collision" with PalmEarth). Overall I think its a very well put-together piece of work, and since I never felt comfortable enough with using other clean-up programs to buy one, this package is quite attractive to me.


    Treo 650 1.20 LAP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazzo View Post
    TealScan SLOWED my 755p to a crawl!
    I had that problem, but tracked it down to the setting which gets TealScan to monitor and backup your Saved Preferences file.

    Turn off that function and it's OK.

    The speed test in PalmInternals was not affected by the above setting, but switching between apps took ages.
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