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    I currently have a used treo 650, this is my first one ever and I have to say I just love it. I need to get another one as this one I got used to try and see if I was gonna like it b/4 putting out the $$ for a new one. I have decided this is the way I want to go but am really having issues deciding what to do.

    I like the ease of the treo, syncing with the palm software is so easy, now I have not tried to do alot of the other options that people are talking about. I love the camera, calendar, contacts, call waiting and the ability of switching from one call to the other, texting, I do quite a bit of texting as well, then of course there are playing a few games here and there while waiting for appts. (Will my games I have bought for my 650 work with the 700p??) My favorite thing about the treo is the touch screen, that gets my vote 100%.

    Does the 700p work in the same manner as the 650? I know I have read somewhere (I have read so much,I can't remember where) that going to the windows operating system is different, so I am thinking I need to stay with the palm software. I want it to be easy, easy is good

    Since I got this one used, I did no loading of anything but a couple games on it, and I am somewhat of a simple person, so please bear with stupid questions from me.

    Thanx for any and all help/info.

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    Susan, stay away from the 700P. I have it, and I have a love/hate relationship with it like so many of us on this board. Bottom line is that it's buggy, and that really sucks.

    Check out what models your phone provider has and go with one of those-potentially the 680 or 755.


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    Suz, most apps. are transferable but not all.The main dif's are evdo sp.
    (web use),double the mem.(ram/rom),can use larger sd card ,Kinoma player on the 700p,other than that they are about the same.I would caution u about using either while connected to the charger because the connector/port are sensitive to movement&pressure,u can easily ruin it.I ruined my 650 that way,it was replaced with a700p.Both are good devices..good luck,i ndyalex

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