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    Okay, I feel pretty stupid asking this question, but I can't figure it out. Maybe I'm sill recovering from a massive holiday food coma.

    I just installed PalmVNC 2.0.5 build 214 from Everything seems to work fine on my Treo 755p (Sprint). However... how do I exit the application? I know, sounds silly.

    All the app buttons get mapped to a VNC function (phone - mouse, datebook - mouse, messaging - scroll left, home - scroll right), so they don't work. If I power-off and power-on, I just return to PalmVNC. If I choose VNC-->Disconnect or VNC-->Hang up, I don't exit the application. The only way I can get out of PalmVNC is to pull out my battery.

    I HAVE to be missing something... Help me please, I've fallen and I can't get up...
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    The only to get out is to go to System Network prefs.. While in the Preferences screen, click the Phone button on the treo keyboard.
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    Got it!

    I had tried going to Network prefs then clicking "Done", which brought me back to PalmVNC. I forgot to try to press other buttons while in Network prefs...

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    Press the Option key, then any of the hard-button keys like Phone, Calendar, etc. Alternately, press and hold the side-key (voice record).
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    Wow, even easier. I think I can officially confirm that I am still brain dead from the holidays...

    Thanks jigwashere and Roper.
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    Okay, one more option():

    Get Butler and activate Keylauncher -- then you just have to press and hold any of the favorites you've assigned a launch key for.

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