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    You can't, do a search here..the Java files needed have been posted here.
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    how do i search for downloads?
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    Look above...
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    thanks for the merger. i searched but the words i used arent in this title
    Red Centro on SERO, ftw
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    I downloaded the file-are we supposed to add the whole PalmOS JVM 5.7.2 file?
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    No, you only need to install the runtime j9javavmmidp20.prc and j9pref.prc. Read the included manual for further information.
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    Is JVM 5.7.2 really better than 5.7.1? Which one do you recommend to use?
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    I've been searching for 3 hours! I can't find a way to install a JVM (Java Virtuam Runtime) on my girlfriend's centro. I know there has got to be a way.

    Palm no longer supports Java as of Jan 12th 2008 according to the website. So there is NOTHING on

    I want to try Opera Mini on her Centro.

    Who can help me find Java?


    p.s. I've used the search function on this board for much of my searching and cannot find any straight answers so far. Perhaps I overlooked something. I'm more of a "go getter" than a "question asker" so I hate asking this of you guys.

    But thanks for anything you can do! :-)
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    Well there are threads here with a download link, threads at mytreodotnet with download links and threads at with download links.

    For a cup of Java (coffee) I might maybe post a link......

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    Oh heck, I'm Java'd out anyway.

    Here you go:

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    It got discontinued but you can still download it at that link ^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chupacabra View Post
    Is JVM 5.7.2 really better than 5.7.1? Which one do you recommend to use?
    Don't know really. I am still using 5.7.1. I will try it sometime later.

    Mikey, for searching the advance option or try this link:Search for Java (on titles only)

    For Mobile users: Search for Java (on titles only - mobile view)
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    Hi do I enable Java on Blazer?
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    There is no support for java web applets on the Palm.
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    If you are wanting a copy of Java, PM me and I will send it to you. Ben
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    do I need java to use sites like megaupload, zshare, rapidshare ect. ???

    if so... can you give it to me please
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    <merged> Try links on top.
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    1st... hello. been reading all yr posts for 2 years and found very helpful. thx to all.
    I use which needs Java. I can't find he files necessary to install Java. my settings don't block java. Can anyone suggest the right self extracting download?
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    There's a java thread on this first page that has a link to download JVM.
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