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    This may be a real dumb question but I am wondering if someone can tell me how I can go "back" from a program

    For example if I was reading an email and it had a link to a webpage and I click it, it would take me to the web page. But how can I go back to the email that I was reading? The way I do it now is to press the email button and scroll down the message again. Any ideas? Thanks everyone
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    Another option to go back to the last program used is to hold the home button. It will bring up a list of the last X number of recent apps. If you continue to hold the home button it will select the last app used.

    But to get to that email, you will have to scroll to it.
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    The behavior is application dependent. I believe that Palm's UI guidelines suggest that applications, when sub-launched, have the ability to return to the caller.

    I do not believe that "Web" has this ability (the Home button may do this, but I am not sure). I know that if you press the close button when reading a PDF (opened from within an email client of file browser) in PalmPDF then PalmPDF will return to the caller.
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    Also, if you use ChatterEmail as your email application, it will remember what you were last doing so that when you go back into it you'll be right back where you last left off (e.g. in the email that you clicked the link to start with)
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    wow great suggestions. Thanks guys

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