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    Anyone have any idea if Palm is going to release a flexi-skin for the Centro? They have it for all their Treos. Palm's flexi-skins are nice because they cover the keyboard too.
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    Does the flexiskin cover the entire keyboard too? The one that I saw only covers the top keys

    But it looks identical to the ebay item that sells for alot less

    Is there really a case that covers the entire Palm Treos including the keyboard? That would be pretty cool!
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    I'm not talking about Boxwave's "Flexi Skins". Palm has its own brand of silicone skins called "Flexi-Skins" as well. Palm's own Flexi-Skins have always covered the keyboard AND the top keys.
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    Zcover made a great Skin for the Treo's (had one for my 700P)and I am hoping they make one for the Centro. it covered everything (including keys) but the screen. Heres the 700 Case .I am waiting for a reply back about the centro.
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    Zcover never made their skins for the 680 / 750 / 755. I don't think we're going to see anything from them for the Centro.
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    I was thinking that but the Centro has become a huge hit like the Iphone which they made a case for. I think they stopped with the treos's . I will report back if they reply to my email.

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