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    Can anyone give some insight on what may be going on with this. My 755 resets each time I attempt to go online. After the reset I can get online with no problem.
    The phone resets constantly anyway randomly when I'm not trying to go online but in other programs, but, I know it will reset when I try to access the internet any thoughts?
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    Did you upgrade from a prior Palm device? Did you simply hot sync the 755p to your existing userid?

    If so, things can get corrupted and cause these problems. Even if you did not, it sounds like you have a software corruption that a clean install can cure:
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    Thanks Perry,
    I'll try this. I dread it though because I have so much stuff installed. I can't remember if I did a clean install or not when I originally got the 755 (I was so excited about finally getting it ).
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    Let us know how it comes out. . . . I think you will enjoy the new found stability. . . . I love my 755p.

    Cheers, Perry.

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