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    my 700p has been acting like this for a while, recently getting worse

    its to the point where i can no longer use it on sound, only the vibrate setting (speaker with an cross through it)

    the Phone will vibrate randomly when touched or not touched (when in sound mode) also sometimes it wont ring when somone is called or anything else

    does anyone know why this is happening?

    will a hard-reset fix this at all??

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    Sounds like a hardware issue, a clean install will let you know:

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Mine is starting to do this too... The switch seems very touchy. The slightest bump will make the phone vibrate. I am just trying to limp along with it until I can find another phone I want. Palm is not getting any more money from me...
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    Mine is doing it too. Trying to hold on for the rumored 800w to be released.
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    Keep holding out. I twill be here soon. I hope!
    Always looking for cheap mobile phone accessories.

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