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    I recently bought a Black Tie edition housing from ebay for my treo 650.

    The changing process went well, or so I thought

    Now, everything except the touchscreen function is working.

    I am sure that I made a mistake somewhere. What should I be looking for ?

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    I recently bought the housing off eBay too, so hopefully I can help.

    I also replaced my LCD as well. When I dismantled the phone I disconnected two "ribbons" (not sure of the correct term). Are you sure that you inserted these correctly? I ended up dismantling and reassembling my Treo three times in total (second time I changed the keyboard to, then I forgot to put the rubber thing back around the camera lens so had to dismatle again), so you should be able to get yours working again.
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    Also make sure that the touchscreen is not being touched by the case or that a screen protector edge is wedged between the case and screen. If the touchscreen is being 'touched' it will not respond to any other touch.
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    try loosening the case a little and that might make it work.
    i tightened it too much the first time, and mine didn't work right.
    but i loosened it and it worked fine.
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    Hope you got the touchscreen working again...Could you comment on the quality of the case you bought? Was it original? And could you share who you bought it from? some pics! Thanks!
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    Your problem is that you did not insert the cable from the screen good enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chupacabra View Post
    Your problem is that you did not insert the cable from the screen good enough.
    If that was the issue the image would be distorted.

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