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    I am a long time reader, first time poster
    I just got a 755p and for some reason just after a couple of minutes of working fine, no one can hear me when i call them. This is what happens; I call some one and I can hear them fine, but they cant hear me. I just got the phone and really havent put anything on it or listened to any music or anything. I just downloaded a ringtone. Any suggestions please..
    Thank you in advance
    Also, this is with no headset or bluetooth, just the phone.
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    Pull the battery and replace it to reset the phone. See if that helps.

    EDIT: Had you used the wired headset recently? If so, reinsert and remove it, maybe a couple of times.
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    Classify this under a just in case question -- there is not a red x over the microphone button on the phone screen is there?

    Did you upgrade from another Palm device? Did you simply hot sync to your prior user id?

    Did the reset work?
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    Can they hear you at all? If they can, check the bottom of your phone to make sure nothing is obstructing the microphone (bottom right).

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