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    hey kids, long time no see! I've had a T600 on Sprint since early 2004, and I guess they finally ran out of remanufactured replacement units, because they gave me a 755p as insurance replacement when I went in last week.

    So, sweet- new phone, better screen, better network, bluetooth, hooray! This is obviously a huge upgrade from the 600. But boo, lots of old software no longer works, old SD card doesn't fit, all my custom mp3 ringtones are gone, etc etc.

    So far, my biggest annoyance is the locked stuff that I can't figure out how to edit or delete in the application listing and the speed-dial menu. I'm never going to download the GoodLink apps, and I don't need the "Quick Tour" app, but there doesn't seem to be any way to delete them. I have FileZ installed (the T600 version still works!) but I can't see anything obvious to delete there either. Help! Has anybody gotten rid of these menu items?

    And, on the first page of the "favorites" dialog, there are a whole bunch of entries that are totally useless- "Get Ringers, Get Games, Get Apps, Get Images." WTF? I understand cross-marketing and whatever, and it's probably very effective for Sprint/Palm to set up these defaults so that they can direct customers. But why can't I edit these favorites buttons to do something useful? Has anybody figured out how to edit the favorites that Sprint has locked?

    Maybe this is a solved problem already becuase the 755 is so similar to the 700p... since I never had a 700 (or even a 650) this is the first time I've run into this challenge.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated...
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    On the Favorites page, there's an 'Edit Favorites Pages...' selection from the dropdown menu. I've deleted everything Sprint put there.

    As far as deleting those other applications, I haven't really put any effort into that. Instead, I use ApplicationsPanl to hide them. Someday I'll get around to deleting them to save space.

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