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    Please help. I just got a new Centro and had my contacts imported from old phone. I also installed the gmail feature onto the centro. The contacts had little info originally and I have since updated them in outlook with a lot more details and sunk it with centro. In the palm contacts all contact info is up to date with outlook. In the sprint mobile screen that shows my gmail and contact finder, the contacts are still the outdated ones. How can I remove these and replace with the main palm contacts? I do not see any way to delete, remove or import! I tried uninstalling gmail and reinstalling but no luck. Anyone who can help, I appreciate your time.:
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    Just to make it clear, I want to delete contacts from the sprint mobile email "contact finder". That list is independent of the main contact list that is synced with outlook. Please advise.
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    I've been trying to figure out how to do the same thing, with no luck either.

    I posted about it on sprintusers, but no one there could help me either.

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