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    I am trying to streamline WBBM 780am out of Chicago over my 755p Treo. Can anyone try to do this and let me know if you figured out how to make it happen?

    I have attempted to add it to my pocket tunes with no luck.

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    I use Kinomo Player for my radio listening - cheaper to buy and I guess even a better choice for Palm 755p.

    but I guess the procedure to listen to radio stations in pTunes is propably similar (you maybe have to upgrade pTunes)

    use following link in blazer:

    on their homepage you have a list of all the states;
    select the state where your radio station is located, in yr case Il;
    search for your radio station;
    copy the link in blazer, click on the link afterwards which brings up Kinomo and paste the link into Kimono and save it.
    Ready set go to listen to any radio station.
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    I have Kinoma Player 4EX and in the Kinoma Media Guide I can get WBBM, but the URL doesn't seem to work other than through Kinoma's 4EX. I'm not sure if it would work through the version included with the 755p (accessed through Blazer).
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    cellwizzard -- that sounds like it'd work!
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    WBBM streams through something called "streamtheworld". I can't get it to stream through anything but Kinoma Player 4EX.
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    personally it took me a little while to do it correctly in kinomo.
    But it does work very nice.
    I even listen to some of my favorite shoutcast radio streams.
    have fun
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    Thank you for your help. I will give it a try.
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