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    Hi All -

    Can someone help me understand how i could transfer 2 games (Galaga / Pacman) that i purchased and own rights to, from my 650 (sprint) to my new 680 Att. I own these games as i bought them. Sprint service is cancelled and they are stuck (locked) on the 650. i cant beam them to the 680 etc. If you have an idea i would appreciate it!

    Thank You very much!
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    A file management program similar to FileZ might do the unlocking for you and even transfer the files via Bluetooth or beaming. Bluetooth is faster than beaming. Have you checked the backup folder to determine if the games live there?

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    I know this doesn't help, but this is why one should NEVER buy content from a provider. Those programs are readily available with no restrictions from 3rd parties.
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    thanks ben file z did work! but unfortunately now its complaining that i do not know the product key! oh well unlocked/transfered over but now cant use it! if anyone knows anything please let me know....
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    You would have received an email with the registration number when you purchased the product.
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    Hmmm, my hubby bought a golf game from Sprint and I was able to beam it and use it on my centro....maybe it is just certain games?

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