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    I had a Treo 650 prior to my Centro purchase and was able to modify the voicemail phone number by editing the PoneFavorites2DB.pdb file. I want to change the number to a 11xxxxxxxxxx of another Sprint customer so I won't incur minute charges when checking voicemail. I edit everything I can think of in the .pdb file corresponding to the Voicemail button, but it keeps changing back to the default 1xxxxxxxxxx which is my own phone number.

    Does the Centro pull the number from the location on the phone that stores the phone number or am I able to edit it to what I want. Thanks in advance!
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    SoCal, did you ever figure out an answer to this post? I have the same question. When I got my Centro I had it activated with a temporary number then ported my existing number over from Verizon. Now when I tell the phone to call voicemail and on the favorites page voicemail, It will not allow me to change the number to my existing number that I ported in.
    Any help on changing that would be awesome.

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    nope, never got any sort of response at all. guess nobody knows how to do it. i've just set up "D" as my voicemail button and don't use "1" anymore.
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    I went over to Sprint Users and found this question answered. The number is embeded. For my issue I called Customer Service and they re-programmed the phone to the correct number so now the 1 key is the correct voicemail number. I don't know if this solves your problem or not but it worked for me.
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    There's a trick to this that I used to use all the time by calling my sister's Sprint number, but I had it programmed in and I don't remember how to do it. It doesn't make that person's phone ring, you just use it to get in and check your own VM. You might try searching for "Call voicemail free" here, MTDN or SprintUsers -
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    Here it is. I just googled it.
    By the way, the user "terceslil" at warned
    DO NOT CALL SPRINT IF YOU CAN'T GET THIS TO WORK!!! for obvious reasons, I'm sure.
    Here's the full link:

    I had the entire set up in my speed dial and called it "Free Voicemail". Sometimes it wouldn't work correctly and would ask for my password again, so if I didn't want the hassle, I'd just use my regular method of checking VM. Hope it helps!

    You can use the following steps to:
    1. Check your voicemail without it counting against your minutes if you have free PCS to PCS

    **There are multiple steps. You may want to save it in your speed dial for future use to eliminate some of the steps.

    Alright guys - I'll try to make this as painless as possible. Now, here goes:
    1. Dial 11
    2. Dial your friend's PCS number (123)456-7890
    3. When your friend's voice mail picks up, dial **
    4. This prompts you to dial in your 10 digit pcs number
    5. Then it'll ask for your code. Enter your code

    11(SPCS) **(your voicemail)# (password)# (IF you have NEW messages, you must get back to main menu then press 8) (IF no NEW messages press 8), Dial 10 digit number and #, press ## to return to vm.

    If you are calling a 11+ a Sprint PCS number from your Sprint phone, that number should not ring. No one should answer the phone. The voice mail should pick up.

    I have mine set as contact number 1 speed dial 2.....
    and the code is 11(xxx)xxx-xxxxT**(yyy)yyy-yyyy#zzzz#8

    x= friends number y= my number z= password

    Special instructions for SPRINT SMART PHONE PDA USERS:

    Here's how to do it on the Palm 700wx:
    Where ssssssssss = someone else's sprint numbers, yyyyyyyyyy = your sprint number, and pppp = your voicemail password.

    Here's how to on the Motorola Q:
    Where ssssssssss = someone else's sprint numbers, yyyyyyyyyy = your sprint number, and wwww = your voicemail password. The p is the pause for the Motorola Q.

    One side note: I noticed is that you have to call it from your contact list, you can't dial it from your recent calls list. I'm not sure why, but it doesn't work unless called from your phone book.
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    bekktek, that's the information i already know. what i need is how to get that as my default voicemail #. with my 600 and 650, i was able to modify a file, but using that same technique does not work with the centro. it seems as if it automatically resets the voicemail # from somewhere else.
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    As you know, if you port a new number over, sometimes the old voicemail number remains on the Centro. You can't change the voicemail number preset. Here's how to do it manually.

    From the call screen, dial ##899232#

    Select "edit"

    Change your mobile phone number and replace the old one with your new one.

    Leave the MSID alone.

    Hit Done.

    ***Disclaimer: There is a possibility you have to change your MSID if you port your phone number in from a different area/area code. If reprogramming your phone doesn't fix the solution, call customer care and ask for the MSID of your phone. I take no responsibility **

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