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    I use the Parrot CK 3100 Handfree unit in my car. When I use it with a totally new installed Treo 650 (Hard reset and reinstall all files) every thing - auto syncronising (favorits net and battery strength) via bluetooth, phoning AND DIALING handsfree - worked fine. BUT after any reset (I'm using butler ) the handfree dialing feature is lost (the TREO acts as with a headphone instead of a full functioning handsfree device).

    The unit accepts my commands, I can hear the dialing sound of the ck 3100 but the Treo did not react and I hear only a sequent beep after the dialing. Dialing via treo and taking incoming calls is still functioning.

    This behavior REMAINS even if I hard reset the TREO and load up the full set of files via BackupBuddy as they have been safed BEFORE the reset that causes the problem.

    The only way to gat the handsfree function back is to reinstall all the programms and data step by step mannually after a new hard reset.

    Any ideas??
    Any way to prevend the loss of the bluetooth preferences or reinvoke them after a reset. (even the reinstallation of the files: Bluetooth_Dvice_Cache, Bluetooth_Prefs_Backup, Bluetooth_Trusted_Devices did not work!)

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    Try making sure Parrot is still a trusted device- my nuvi 660 was lost as a favourite after last reset, then setup devices from treo bluetooth Screen. Need to remember code to connect- hope that helps
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    The Treo is still recognizing the CK 3100 as a known device and ist still automatically coppeling with it (even the code is passed correctly) but it works after the reset as just an audio device headphone etc.

    This means getting a call handsfree (the TREO is taking the call and is passing it to the CK 3100) or dialing via Treo (the call is passed after the dialing command ON THE TREO to the CK 3100 correctly) is working perfectly.

    ONLY trying to dial handsfree via the CK 3100 is NOT functioning, this means the CK 3100 is dialing (you can hear the dialing sound), but the Treo is refussing to take this command or data.

    Nevertheless thanks a lot


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