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    Can someone give me the step-by-step process to get TCPMP on my 700p? Do I have to download it to my PC and then transfer it to my 700p? Is it single download or do I have to download a bunch of different files (plug-in's?)?

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    Load it in the same way as any program, and yes you must also load the plug-ins for all of the formats which you wish to play. (It will run from the SD card)
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    Here's a link to TCPMP and a couple of extra plugin codecs:

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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    Load it in the same way as any program...
    Can you tell me how?
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    Unzip if neccessary
    Windows Explorer
    Click on the file
    Palm install tool should open
    drag to internal or card for the userid in question.
    Hot sync

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