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    to be recognized by my computer? I have a Dell Lat d420 with built in card reader. I insert my 1gb card, go to My Computer and nothing. I've even heard it make the noise as if something new has been inserted into computer(similar to USB cable noise). Any thoughts? I'm trying to update my 680 to 2.11, but can't get it on my SD card(when I try the sync method, I keep getting "connection failed", so I need to use the card method).
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    How old is this computer? It is possible that the card reader is of an older generation that only reads up to 512mb cards. Get a USB card reader or the Palm application CardReader.
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    Relatively new computer. When I check the function in the Control Panel, it has a yellow "sign' next to it, as if somethings wrong with it(duh), but doesn't offer a way to fix it-hitting "troubleshoot" does nothing.

    I have Card Reader on my Treo 680. Is there a way to get the update 2.11 on there?

    (Plug AC/Sync in, insert empty SD card, enable card reader/send the update folder to the phone, follow the instructions, then insert backed up SC card and restore files?) Sorry for that long description. Thought I'd put everything "out there", so you didn't have to respond to too many emails.

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