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    Iím having an issue with the wireless sync on my VZW 755P and our corporate exchange email. Our IT department does not support treos, but was willing to take a shot and see if they could get it working. However, it kept giving an error message that said ďSSL Handshake FailedĒ. It would also put this message in the alerts with the little flashing yellow bell in the top-left of the screen. I believe they said they downloaded the SSL certificate and found a way to get it on the device, but they canít get it to talk to our server. I know they spent a lot of time looking at the documentation for how to set it up. Sorry for the rather vague details, but Iím not part of the IT department and they donít formally support the treos, they were just attempting to make it work as a favor. Iím trying to avoid a Blackberry or Windows device, Iíve used Palms for so long.

    Also, perhaps more alarming, when I go to the ďwireless syncĒ application then hit ďsyncĒ, the device is now resetting every time. It does the same thing when I go through wireless sync --> email and go to sync under the message menu.
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    I don't know if its the same as a sprint phone but are you using versamail? What version of exchange does your office use? It's a real pain to get it to work on a palm device but not impossible. If you could give a few more details I might be able to help you better. Though I have never run accross that specific error before it might be the same error but different wording on a sprint treo.
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    It doesn't appear to be Versamail, the "about" menu for the mail screen just lists the program as "mail" (copyright nokia). This mail application seems to be embedded in the wireless sync application that verizon provides on the 755.
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    ahh yeah sorry I don't think I would be much help then since Im not familiar with that program.
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    I had some set-up issues only because I tried setting this up myself.

    Log on to the wireless sync and check your settings. If you call VZW they should be able walk you through how to set it up.

    My fault was having both the PC monitor on and the direct link to exchange on. I had to remove the PC monitor and then all was well.

    The PC monitor works well, but you have to your PC on 24/7 to get the push, which does not work for me.

    I was using exchange 2003 and all i needed was the name of my domain or the windows password.

    If you IT dept is willing, get VZW on the phone and then hand off the call to your IT geek/guru...

    good luck.

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    I am connected directly to m server w/versamail. It comes preloaded on sprint and it is a free download for VZW's. I get email on the device faster then w/outlook on my computer. IM me if you need any more info. Piece of cake to set up!!

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