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    i will be getting myself a new phone with a new contract this spring and i think i will be getting myself a non-palm phone. after the 650 nothing has happened and now i will probably be bound to move to wm6 and treo 750.

    somehow i cannot help feeling ashamed about buying a windows phone, but then again, what to do? no phone new plam phone in sight, android is also going to take its time, palm is dead. i simply dont see any other option than the treo 750 (at least it will have flash lite 3, thats one thing to look forward to)

    i#ll probably walk around with two phones after getting the 750. no way that i will be parting with the 650, am too dependent on that and i am not very sure about how much the 750 can do.
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    Well, if you are otherwise satisfied with your 650 but need to replace ailing hardware, then I might suggest either the 680 or 500v. The 650 was passable in my opinion mostly because it crashed so much in the way I used it. But the same usage on the 680 gives me almost flawless operation. I haven't personally tried a 500, but I know it's available over there and while the OS isn't a major deal it does have the new industrial design (ala Centro, if bigger). But these are options in case you can't wait out Plam's last attempt to get a Linux OS out with your 650.
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    the 680 isn't dramatic enough after 2.5 years of 650. in fact i think i should punish palm and not get the 750. i read a bit about the kaiser or tytnII from htc. sounds pretty promising. if not very much happens in the next month or so, i think that that#ll be my choice.
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    My tuppence worth - after using Palm OS going to Winblows Mobile really, really sucks.

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