I thought it would be fun to let my brand new treo slip out of my hands and go down a flight of stairs and hit the tile at the bottom. Now the sim card will not read. How hard is it to replace the sim card reader with it being attached to the main board? Thankfully I only paid 100 dollars for the phone, so if any of you are gifted enough to fix problems like these let me know. I am willing to unload it for 130 bucks, including shipping. If I can recoup my cost I will be happy. I also paid 25 bucks to get it unlocked which worked great until I dropped it. I have tried every program on the phone and everything works perfectly except for it not being able to read the sim.

Any help would be great, or anyone who wants the phone please let me know. I do have paypal and will accept money orders or cashiers checks as well.

The only thing I have is the phone, charger, and cable.