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    I am having difficulty accessing the internet after doing a hard reset. I've been taping into the internet using my Treo 680 for weeks now by using a "dial-up" internet access number provided to me by my high speed dial up provider (not my cell phone provider). So basically I'm able to access the internet for "free" as part of my "home" internet package. Granted it's dial-up on my Treo and is slow, but at least it's free. To set it up I've done the following:
    1. Go to "Preferences",
    2. Go to "Network",
    3. tap menu and select the "service" and "new" categories,
    4. Tap on the "service" line and add a name like Yahoo,
    5. Tap on "connection" and select wireless dial-up,
    6. Type in the user name from my internet provider e.g.,
    7. type in my password,
    8. input the phone number for the dial-up internet access,
    9. tap on "done"

    * These are the steps that I'm following now, which I believe this is how I set it up in the past. But for some reason it's not working right now.

    Then from my Main menu on my Treo I click on the web icon and normally it connects me to the internet. What's it's doing right now is that it will saying "connecting to Yahoo", but this will take forever and eventually says "cancelling."

    Again, this should work and I have been able to access the internet by using this method, but for some reason after doing the hard reset I'm not able to log on. Maybe I'm missing a step from above or selecting a wrong option. Any help would be appreciated.
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    In Preferences/Connection, you may need to do some setting up. (Modem init string and stuff like that.)
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