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    I'm new to using Palm (had a 700wx before) and had some questions about sprint's email program:
    1) How does the built in gmail configure itself? Does it use web, pop3 or imap to retrieve messages/sync
    2) Does the imap "push to device" work for people? I send a message to my gmail account which I set up under an imap account and it doesn't seem to receive until I manually hit the receive button. Imap is way better than pop3 because you can sync email over all your locations.
    3) Does anyone know if mail2web LIVE supports retreiving mail from other imap accounts? If so, how do you set it up? I can't find anywhere to input server information. I use mail2web and versamail to keep my contacts/calendar in sync and it works great. If it did email too, it'd be even better! I don't want to forward mail from my gmail to mail2web because if I delete a message or read a message on my palm, then it won't sync with the central server that way.

    Thanks for the help!
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    The PUSH is done by the Sprint servers sending you a SMS message that causes the Email client to initiate a connection to your Gmail account. So it's not true "PUSH"
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    Not too far off topic, but has anyone got the "LED flashing" alert to work when Sprint Mobile Email pushes a message to the device? I get my Centro to vibrate and sound, but when the sound is off, I hoped it would flash the LED since a normal alert (like for Versamail) does not appear on the screen.
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    How is this supposed to work? For the first few days my Centro (I had a 650) would randomly vibrate and I wasn't sure if it was email or IM. No it doesn't do either. I only ever saw the little yellow icon once. The only time it vibrates is after I check the mail manually. Gee, thanks Sprint email notifier! Duh. I guess I will go back to my old way of having it send a text message when I get an email. That gives slightly more information although that has its own weirdness. Does Versamail work any different? I haven't set that up yet since there is nowhere that I can find that tells specifically if you should use pop or imap or something else.
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    I am also trying to use Sprint Mobile email against Gmail w/ IMAP, and I have had no success PUSHing my mail. I don't get any sort of SMS or other alert; the only way my mail gets downloaded is when I manually initiate a check.
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    If you're on IMAP, and want push - go with Chatter. The rest are all wannabes. There's a reason why he works at Palm now.
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    If your that interested in push you should probably forward your gmail mail to mail2web and still use versamail with their EAS setup. If you use forwarding then you don't have to worry about IMAP at all since the second your mail hits gmail's server it auto-forwards your mail instantly to mail2web and then EAS sends it to your phone. Its faster than any other setup.
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    I've been pretty disappointed with Sprint email client so far (not only feature-wise but with performance too), so I am considering Chatter or Snappermail. Does anyone know if either of those actually makes use of Gmail's labels? Or should I try Gmail's app for that? I like using labels and don't want to login to Gmail and label stuff that somehow escaped my labeling filters.
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    My understanding is that the GMail Labels are handled in IMAP as folders. There are Chatter users who do use it with Gmail. You might want to go on the Chatter forum to read more about their experiences.

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