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    Starting Yesterday when I turn my Centro "on" and "off" the Green LED lights up for 2-3 seconds. Never has that before. I have butler installed but I didnt make any changes to it latley and I disabled it and it still does it ?? Its not a major issue but I am curious if there is a way to stop it. Is a 3rd party app causing this ( are there some that have this option) i dont rememeber installing anything latley that would affect this. Thanks!
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    Did you install Battery.prc 3.2?

    That exact behavior happens with Battery.prc

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    Ahhhhh . I installed battery yesterday. I will look into that. Thank you so much my friend.

    Is there a way to shut that off other than deleting the program ?? just curious.
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    In Sleep Mode Control, there is an option to turn on orange LED in REM sleep.

    Since the Centro does not have an orange LED, the green on shows. When I have turned it off, it does not seem to stay off. It always comes back on after a little while.

    If you want to use Battery prc, prolly uninstall it including any Battery 3.2 Saved Prefs, then reinstall it without setting any Sleep Mode Controls.

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    I had the same thing happen. The setting turned on all by itself. How do I install it without sleep mode controls?

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