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    I just posted this over at my journal at, but figured I'd put it up here too:

    Occasionally, I'll find a page that just won't render well using the Treo's web browser, Blazer. Often, it will look OK, then when the CSS is applied at the end it will go all wonky. (I'm looking at you, Wikipedia!)

    I've been following a mobile startup called Mowser for the last few months, and I found myself manually invoking their reflow engine from time to time to make pages more readable. I'd go to the Page Info, copy the URL to the clipboard, then add the Mowser prefix before it.

    This afternoon, I realized I could automate this using a bookmarklet, a chunk of Javascript that lives in a bookmark. In Blazer, they don't work directly from the "Go to a URL" bar, but they do work if invoked from a bookmark, so I made one to "Mowserize" a page.

    Here's how you can do this:
    1. Open the Bookmarks view
    2. Select a blank bookmark to bring up the edit screen.
    3. Title the bookmark "Mowserize" or something similar.
    4. For the URL, enter this text, replacing the original text:

    If you've got that entered correctly, then when you hit a page that Blazer just handles poorly, you can just go to bookmarks, select this one, and get a nicely formatted version that works great in Blazer's Netfront-powered HTML engine.
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    Works very well. It's simpler than I thought to use. When I load up a page that renders poorly I just click on the bookmark and the current page is "mowserized."

    Any more tricks? This only further diminishes the value of reset happy Opera. I know some really like it but I can't stand the freezes. My Centro is so stable I don't want something that reminds me of my 680 days.
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    Wow...very cool.

    Thank you.
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    Neat, thanks!
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    That's a nice trick ... it's really nice to know that one can play javascript games like that in Blazer.

    Here's another approach (e.g., to the Wikipedia problem): use Skweezer.

    E.g., for a Skweezed-Google bookmark, use:

    Then most of your search results, including all of your Wikipedia results, will be Blazer-friendly.

    Of course another option is to bookmark a Squeezed wikipedia link, e.g.

    This in turn also leads to this mobile version of Wikipedia:

    Finally, there's Wapedia:
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    Awesomeness! Thanks!

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