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    I have a Palm Centro. I have no problems with it at all, syncs fine using Palm Desktop at home. I am getting ready to use it for work also and will need to also sync to my Outlook mail at work so I can get my emails, etc. while on the go. What is the easiest way to do this with the least mess? Make a second profile for work. I like the way I have things set up right now for my personal use, but how can I seamlessly incorporate my Outlook info into contacts, etc. I'm open to whatever I might need to buy software wise as long as I don't lose the current functionality, but just enhance it....
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    The easiest that I can think of is to export your palm desktop and import it into outlook and then have outlook overwrite the centro (or export from outlook into palm desktop). The side effect is that you will have your personal stuff intermingled with your work stuff.

    Maybe somebody else will have some other options for you.
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    I have an office pc that does not allow personal devices (except through OWA). I have a home pc with outlook online all the time.

    I have installed free plaxo on both machines. Both machines keep constantly sync'd with plaxo; ie make one change on work, it updates plaxo, which updates home.

    I should mention an advantage of plaxo is if anyone in your contact list is a member it updates their contact info when they update their email; phone number etc... In this case it auto updates your contact info for them; which auto updates work and home in my case.

    I then setup my palm to sync wirelessly over data with my home pc (which is on all the time). I setup the phone to only sync contacts, address, calendar, datebook, tasks. This reduces the amount of time it takes to sync over the air.

    I have tried changing the info of a contact on my palm, doing sync over the air, and watch the work machine update with the new info.

    So; to clarify, make change to contact on palm > hotsync wirelessly > updates home (by hotsync) > auto updates plaxo > auto updates work.


    plaxo contact updates their info > auto updates your plaxo address book > auto updates work and home > hotsync updates palm.

    The only thing I don't like about this is you have to hotsync (a manual operation) your palm to make it happen. Otherwise it's free and works well.

    This does NOT address email; for that I use OWA with Chatteremail.


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