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    Ok, not really. I have a Treo 650 from Verizon and some time ago stumbled across this site. Since then, I have created my own custom ROM, taken my phone physically apart (using a step-by-step guide w/pictures) to apply a screen protector devoid the visible edges and found numerous other solutions (A2DP for my Motorla S9 and various software solutions [the Flash Player was pretty slick]).

    Anyway, between the wealth of information here along with the treocentral store I am quickly becoming extremely attached to my phone (in a very platonic way ). I titled this thread, "hate" due to the wealth of resources that simply is keeping me quite busy customizing my phone.

    The reality is, I think this site is great and would like to thank all the people here who have contributed their knowledge. The aforementioned solutions I have found have really helped me to get the most out of my phone; probably more than I initially realized.


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    I am glad you started this thread. I feel the love too, and spend a lot of time reading this forum. Even if something doesn't apply at the moment, you never know when it might - and you will have read it here!!

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