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    Does anyone know of an app for the Treo 755P that would allow me to watch my home's security webcam?
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    No Java Apps for streaming video.

    You've already got Kinoma Player installed on your 755p. Log into your webcam using Blazer. You probably need a static IP for your webcam, though.
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    I have a static IP service from Mobi, I am logging into my webcam from blazer, but the page won't load the image instead will show NEED JAVA...
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    That's a bummer. This is over my head, so anything I say at this point will be a wild guess.

    Is it possible your webcam software requires Javascript (that's different from Java). Check your Blazer preferences under the General tab and make sure 'Disable Javascript' is unchecked.

    I still don't think you need Java. There has to be a way to connect to your webcam. Others do it with Kinoma, but I'm not sure if Kinoma Player 4EX (the upgrade version) is required. Since there's no trial version for it, I'd avoid upgrading until you're reasonably sure it'd work.

    Hopefully someone will come along with an answer for you!

    EDIT: What camera do you have?
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    thanks for the info, I confirmed the javascript option was already disabled. but I don't think I have kinoma, I have ptunes installed, that's it for multimidia. I have a Mobi Baby monitor camera and a logitech pro 9000 and I broadcast from both. I can see them on regular desktops, so I know the problem is in the treo. I will see how much it will cost me to try kinoma. thanx anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jigwashere View Post
    Others do it with Kinoma, but I'm not sure if Kinoma Player 4EX (the upgrade version) is required.
    The Kinoma Media Embedded included with all newer Palm devices might work. If you need the ability to choose a refresh rate, Kinoma Player 4 EX can do that directly (no JavaScript required).

    -- Charles Wiltgen
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    I am not sure if I can do this with the embedded kinoma media... I am trying the go.kinoma url, and the browser loads just the webpage, I can get to the authentication page on blazer, and I see the webcam window now (progress!!), but the page keeps refreshing with no image... I guess I need to upgrade to the player 4 EX
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    The upgrade is $15 if you do it through your device.
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    thanks... so I got the player, and now when I go to the url it says 401 - unauthorized, but no option for my password... gosh, do I feel stupid right now! anyway, I will keep reading the kinoma faqs, I know I read somewhere I can stream even from pages that requireauthorization.
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    You might need to begin the process in Blazer.

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