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    Anyone using this?

    My retractable adaptor for my headset just broke and i hate to spend another $15 on it and have it break down in a few months. would rather buy good quality headphones that i can use forever if possible...

    My search has led me to the Shure headphones... there are reviews here in TC of the more expensive Shures but i still refuse to spend >$100 on a pair of corded headphones for my Treo. I think anything beyond that is not worth it. might as well buy a bluetooth headset.

    Which led me to the Shure i2c headphones. There are other Shure headphones but i think this is the one that is most reasonably priced.

    Are they any good? Should i expect the sound quality Shure is known for? or is the quality of this "cheaper" Shure headphone not that difference from the sound i get off my current adaptor with mic and normal earphones? is it better thatn the Palm Pro 2-in-1 Headset?

    Thank you so much! i appreciate your help!
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    Upon further reading i need clarification on something...

    is this i2c any different from the i2c-t model i see around the web? i was under the impression that the product i linked above had the 2-in-1 cord as well as the dual connector option.

    THanks! I really hope someone can shed some light on this. I am in dire need of a new headset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by santa View Post
    Yeah i have gone thru that thread but it discusses mainly the Sure i3c and i4c... both of which are running more than $100 over the internet.. which is way too much more than i am willing to spend for a headset.

    So i started this thread talking about the Shure i2c... .the most affordable of the Shure "i" series.

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    I own a pair of the i2c headphones and I'd probably give it a rating of about 3.5/5.

    The sound quality (to my untrained ears) is quite good. They're reasonably comfortable and do a great job of blocking out my annoying coworkers.

    It's nice to have only one pair of headphones that can be shared between both my mp3 player and my phone.

    Now the bad part.

    I haven't actually used them in a long time so I'm not 100% certain but I think that you still need to use an adapter to listen to stereo music on your Treo. The phone plug is strictly mono since it has to use one of the conductors for voice.

    Since I rarely carried both devices with me I found the extra cable to be more annoying than useful and so they sit on a shelf gathering dust. I should probably sell them one of these days.

    If you're looking for something to use with a Treo or Centro I'd recommend the
    i2c-t. Of course it won't work with an MP3 player.

    FWIW I bought the Shure SE210s and am very happy with them. I really like the modular cord design. The SE110s use the same cord as well. Of course I still have to use an adapter but I see there's a replacement cord for the Treo that also includes a microphone.

    Hope that helps.

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