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    Help! I am considering buying an '08 MB ML 550 but the dealer told me that my Treo 680 is not compatible with their integrated bluetooth system. Does anybody out there know how to make the 680 fully compatible with the Mercedes '08 bluetooth? Any add-on software or converter? any tricks?
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    My buddy has the new 08 C class sedan, and has the bluetooth system in his car. My 680 worked fine and was able to sync and make calls as well.

    I doubt that Mercedes would have different bluetooth systems in their cars and doubt that the salesperson knows wtf he is talking about.

    Did you try syncing the phone with the system yourself?
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    Thanks for your reply. I went to the dealership and tried it on two different cars. The first one did nor even see my phone and the second saw it but was not able to connect. Go figure! The dealer says that the compatibility problem is consistency, it works sometimes and not others. Were you able to sync it having the phone search for the car deviceor the other way around? I tried it both ways. Were you able to see and use your phone contacts in the car's system?
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    I have an '08 GL with the bluetooth "puck", which I use with my Treo 680. The phone will pair with the puck, but when the phone book downloads, it will not download numbers I have saved in my contacts application. It will, however, download the numbers I have stored on the SIM, as well as the last 10 dialed and last 10 received.

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