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    My husband just got one of these. So, Does anyone happen to know if you can organize your contacts by First Name, rather than the Last Name? Also, is some sort of a back button, where you can go back just one page?
    I would greatly appreciate any info.
    Thanks!!!! Happy New Year!
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    I just looked at my contacts app so I can only speak from the handheld side... you have 2 choices, last name first name OR company name last name.

    As far as going back 1 page the closest you can come to that is to press your home button till a menu comes up of your last 8 apps.

    Hope this helps good luck.
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    you can also tell your husband that it really makes no difference HOW the contacts are shown - first, last whatever. He can look up his contact(s) by either first or last, or a combination of first letter first name/first letter last name.

    I find that people want to SEE the contacts listed in a specific way, but once they understand that they can find and look them up in ANY way, how they're shown makes no difference.

    Show him that and see if that helps......
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    what JohnnyMac says is true. If you start typing in any letters of the contact it will pull it up wheather its first or last name
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    if you hold "up" or "down" on the navigator thingy it wil scroll by page

    Would anyone know how to "map" outlook 2007 , or Express ... i have 100s of emails / contacts - all of them duplicate because the mapping fields are different ( my last names get put into 1st name space and the 1st name ends up in the company name space, phone #s end up in the "custom fields" )
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    DateBk6 is the current successor to DateBk3 that was licensed by Handspring to be on the Treo 600. It has alot of features and a free trial. Hubby may want to give it a spin:
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    That also drove me crazy because on all of my other phones the contact list was organized as First name, Last name. To fix it, I exported my contacts list to an Excel .csv file, swapped the columns for "First name" and "Last name," and then imported the new excel file into my contacts on Palm Desktop. Now they sort the way I want them to. The only downside is that when you make or receive a call, the name is listed backwards. But for me it's more important to have my contact list ordered the right way. Hope that helps.
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    Just use the Company Name Field for "first Names" and then you can use the default sort option.

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