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    Since getting my 680, I've re-setup my chattermail to send/receive my yahoo email and my work email. On my 650, I could send/Receive the Yahoo, but only receive my work email. However, when I clicked "new" to compose a new message I had the choice of whether I wanted to send from Yahoo or my work acct. However, with my 680, when I click "new", I only have the option to send from Yahoo. Any reason for this? Yahoo is Pop3 and my other is IMAP.

    I like being able to, at least, view my work emails, but I'm not sure why I can't respond/compose new messages using my work acct.
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    I assume that you have SMTP profiles set up for both Yahoo and Work accounts? (Edit Mailbox, SMTP Tab)?
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    Yahoo-yes, SMTP is set up and that account is working very smoothly
    Work-I've set up the SMTP, but it's not working.
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    Have you checked the mail box settings the SMTP tab - there is a setting there for "default." What error code do you get on the SMTP settings?

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    fixed it-

    Just routed it through T-mobile, which supplied a SMTP server.

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