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    Treo is 8 months old now. Here is what is happening in the last 2 days:
    EVERYTIME the screen turns on - I can't use any buttons for about 20 seconds. Any time my screen is blank and I turn it on. Incoming calls etc. Plugged in or not. Keyguard on or off. Even when I simply turn off the screen manually and right back on - I have to wait 20 seconds to do ANYTHING. Touchscreen and buttons are disabled.

    Any ideas?

    Update: I noticed this - When I turned off and back on the phone service (Sprint) - it's back to normal now. Strange problem.
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    Have you tried a soft reset?
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    Sounds like you may have some corrupt files. Have you tried a factory reset? This will act as a format, then reinstall the OS ROM image.

    You will need to get your MSL from Sprint

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