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    Hi all.

    Very strange phenomenon:

    Got up to go to bathroom in middle of night and found charging Treo 700p simply displaying a blank white screen w/ full backlight, soft reset, went back to bed.

    In morning, Treo can't place calls. Go to home, choose phone app, won't go there, simply shows list of applications again. Can text, can use Blazer for web.

    What can I do to get my Phone application back?? I will do hard reset if necessary, have NVBackup but would like to try not to if possible. Warm reset (holding 5-way up when removing battery) has not helped.

    Thanks and be well, all.

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    Guys and gals, I'm nailed!

    My phone...isn't!

    Anybody ever have Treo not be able to see/use Phone app before?

    Thanks and have a good 2nd day of 2008.

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    This did happen to me a year or so ago. Looking at my Backup Log, and I think the file that was missing was PhoneCallDB.

    I restored it from BackupBuddy and was all OK.
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    Thank you, kenorian! A friend had the same problem with his 700p and I was able to fix it based on your advice. Every time he pushed the 'phone button' or went to the apps and ran 'Phone' it would try to run the phone app, but would just go back to whatever program he was in before he hit the phone button. I used NVBackup to selectively restore "PhoneCallDB" from a previous backup and it worked like a charm! Much appreciated!


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