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    Sprint offered me a Centro to replace my 700wx if I wanted it and I'm thinking of taking it up. However, I use my 700wx for a number of things and wanted to get the expert opinions of people here for replacements.

    1) GPS: I use iguidance 3 on wm5. I know tomtom6 works on palm. Is there anything else that uses navtech maps out there like Iguidance?
    2) Password: I use illium's ewallet. I know they make a palm version but what other suggestions for people have for passwords that can sync with the computer?
    3) Outlook exchange: I use this heavily with mail2web to get push email, contacts and schedule. I think versamail supports syncing with outlook exchange. Are there any better programs or is this it?
    4) Notes: I use handwritten notes quite a bit but palm centro doesn't support it natively. Anyone have any suggestions for a replacement?

    Also any must have programs for palm os? Thanks so much for the help.
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    1) There is also Garmin Mobile XT, which I believe uses navtech. It runs about $80-$100.

    2) I just use a password protected private Memo. The note remains hidden until I enter my password in the security screen.

    3) Sprint Mobile Email can do push email from any POP or IMAP account. I haven't tried connecting Versamail to exchange.

    4) I downloaded the official Garnet Simulator, installed FileZ in the simulator, and copied "Note Pad.prc" and "Note Pad_enUS.prc" to the "POSESlot1" card. Those files then appear in the "Card1" directory where you installed the Simulator. I installed both those files on my Centro, and they worked perfectly. They even synced with Palm Desktop.
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    2. PasswordsPlus from or SplashID from SplashData.

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