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    does anyone have problems with this program resetting you treo? this resets my phone almost every time I use it... it sometimes happens in a minute and sometimes after half an hour. Any help would be appreicated.
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    no problems... I just recently updated my software though...
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    I have no problems at all since it first came including the beta.

    I am at version 1.00.1 or something like that - the first release after beta - did they add any new features to the mobile player? - their new website is kind of screwy - is it a simple download and install?

    If so, do you have the download link handy?

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    I completely hard reset my phone and only added that program and I still get constant resets while watching it. I have no conflicting software since its the only thing installed. I havent purchased it yet because of this. I find it hard to spend 30 bucks on software that resets my phone every minute.
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    the current version I have is v. (yes with the dot in front of the first 1)

    my beta was something like v.0.9.x.x - I had no problem with that one either

    since that is the only loaded program, I wonder if you are getting good "data" signal strength which is different than "voice" signal strength

    the reason I ask is because in some locations were my data strength is weak, it will shut down my sling player and say something like "weak signal" - but it won't reboot my phone

    maybe try another hard reset (sounds stupid) but sometimes that has worked for me when my versa mail gets wacked thru some stupid thing I did when it was in the midlled of a download

    when doing a hard reset - keep the battery out of your phone for about a min before re-inserting your battery
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    it works great for me.....the only time it ever resets my phone is if I change the channels very quickly numerous times.other than that,it is rock solid on my 755p as it was on my 700p before.
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    it works great for me too... I'd check to make sure you have the latest version... its not free anymore...
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    The current version is

    I found it pretty easy to get this download but I wouldn't know of any new features that were added to it since I just started with this version and didn't have any of the previous ones.

    I think I might have narrowed down my problem .. it might be related to my versamail and my exchange server. It seems that when ever I have slingplayer going it uses up all my data and that causes my email to loose its connection and then it pops up a warning that it failed to connect and I think thats what causes my phone to reset. I will test and post the results.
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    I have the exact same issue! I have also reinstalled from a hard reset and same issue. It doesn't happen everytime, but most of the time. Could be a min or a few mins. It is really killin me. I am also connected to my server. That's gotta be the problem. What can we do?
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    I have turned off auto sync and everything runs fine. Two successful sling sessions of 15 mins each!!!

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    Yeah Skinny I found that cleared my problem too, It's just like when I use USBmodem I have to turn off the EAS in order for it to work smoothly. I think I read it on their forum site. I was actually going to post that today lol. I did have another problem that after I got done using the program and shut my phone off that when I turned it back on it was on this delete media screen and if I hit anything to get off it it would imediately reset but that problem seems to have gone away.
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    755p/Sprint & Pro version with no problems at all. Works great.

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