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    I have a 650 which I really love for pre-historic reasons - It's a great planner and an adequate cell phone (with lousy reception). I don't have a data plan.

    I'm pretty good with software but, when it comes to hardware, I'm a technical neanderthal.

    If I get a data plan, one of the reasons it would be of value is in using the 650 as a modem for my laptop in thoses godawful places that charge you $10 a day to connect.

    To use my PDA as a modem for my laptop, what equipment and software would I need, and is there anywhere I can find a "for dummies"-type instruction on how to make this all work?

    Thank you in advance,

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    You just need a usb connection between your phone and computer. I just used my cradle. You also need the PDAnet software for Palm. If you search for it, you can find a free 14 day trial of PDAnet to see how you like it. Just be careful because some providers can charge you extra for usage even if you have an unlimited data plan.

    Once you have the PDAnet software downloaded to your phone and computer, just plug your phone into your computer and select PDAnet on your phone and it will connect automatically. It works really well, at a little higher speed than a really good dial up speed.

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