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    I just got a 755p from sprint. Over the past few days, the touch screen stopped responding several times. Sometimes i would touch it and it wouldn't respond at all, and other times I would touch it and somewhere else on the screen would be activated. When this happened, the 5-way navigation would still work.

    After I go to Prefs->touchscreen and recalibrate, it would work again.

    I searched and it didn't look like anyone else had this problem.
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    I dropped my 755p a couple of times and had trouble like this with the touchscreen. I took it to a Sprint repair shop and they reseated the ribbon cable to the touchscreen. I haven't had problems since then.
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    Also check to see that no dirt, loose paper or edge of a screen protector is/are wedged between the touch screen and the case. This can cause the screen to think it is being touched and then it will not respond to a 'new' touch.

    Take the corner of a stiff piece of paper all the way around the screen just under the case to dislodge any foriegn material.

    Readjust the sceen protector if necessary.

    See if this helps.
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    This has alredy been discussed here:
    I had the same problem - it went away after 3-4 days.
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    Thanks for the link. Good to know it goes away after sometime.
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