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    I do not have an unlimited data plan. When I connect (rarely) to the internet I can't find a disconnect under the menu. I'm concerned if I don't disconnect I will continued to get billed for data my phone might be accessing. Blazer in the 650 had a disconnect. I end up turning the phone off in order to disconnect from the net.

    Question, using blazer in the 755p how does one disconnect from the internet?


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    There is a Freeware app called Network Down that will turn off the Blazer, when you are done. There is also a paid app, called PowerHero that will disable Blazer after you're done.
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    Or you can just turn the power off on the phone, and then back on. It's a pain, but it will disconnect you from the internet till you use it again.
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    I think your concerns are a bit unfounded. Without and unlimited plan, most services charge you when you download info. Unless you're on an auto-refresh page, simply not tapping on a link will prevent additional data from downloading. Close the app and you should be perfectly safe.

    Keeping the connection open can be a battery drain, but it times itself out after a bit.
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    i upgraded from a VZW 650 to a new 755p (sprint)

    I disconnect blazer by going to prefs> network > disconnect (out of habit
    right now)...

    i was able to hook up with Sprint / SERO so data is unlimited and free

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    While I do have a power vision plan, I do not like to leave it on when I am not actively using the net. The way I shut it down and still leave the phone on is to use On Demand. You do not have to use the program, other than to turn of the net. Its more taps and maybe even a little longer but you do not have to cycle the phone. Go to On Demand and press the menu key then press the D key and On Demand will Disconnect the net.

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    Reset-netlib works great. I have it mapped to my e-mail hardkey so disconnecting from the web is just one key-press away.
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    Is there a reason you guys want to disconnect? If you have unlimited data then you shouldn't have to worry about disconnecting. I wish it would never disconnect. I hate having to wait for it to connect when Im in a hurry.
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    I tell myself that a constantly open connection cannot be secure, but I suspect it's just a high need for closure. That's just me.

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