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    Hi all, I recently purchased a new Centro, it's my first Palm device. Over the past month I've loaded a bunch of stuff that I'd like to get rid of. My plan is to do a hard reset, then only restore the key data (contacts, etc). Can anyone give me some advice on the best way to do that, or point me to a FAQ? Note, this is a Windows system and I'm familiar with file/directory structures so if you can just tell me what files to keep/delete that would be great. Thanks in advance.
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    Most of the backup Apps like NVbackup have the Contacts, Calenders and memos speralted in files like Contacts....DB. so they r easy to spot when restoring. take a look at the backup files you have on hand already.
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    On your Windows desktop, go into C:/Programs/Palm/user ID/Backup and rename the Backup folder to something like Backupold.

    Then hard reset your device, then hotsync using the same user ID (hotsync ID) when prompted.

    Only your PIM data (Calendar, Contacts, Memos and Tasks) will be installed. Giving you a "clean" RAM to selectively install stuff into.

    Make a copy of your Backup folder on your desktop in case you do not do this correctly the first time.

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    You can also you RescoExplorer and it will catagorize your PIM databases in a folder which you can copy to a SD card and once you hard reset, just copy them back.
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    Thanks for the great tips. Much appreciated.
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    I agree with treotraveler's advice. It's a very easy, sound approach.

    Before doing anything, get a copy of NVBackup and backup everything to SD card (which you can copy to your PC for safe-keeping). Do this in case you want to restore everything. After you do the hard reset and hotsync, make another backup and store it away.

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