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    I've been running TomTom 6 with my GlobalSat 359 receiver for quite a while and I've always had issues with it and now it's just getting annoying. Every time I start the receiver and TomTom up I have about a 50-50 chance of them connecting through bluetooth. TomTom just displays the message "Connecting to GPS receiver..." and never does anything. The receiver blue light changes to quick blinking which indicates a connection has been made. The only way to fix the problem is to turn off the receiver, shut down Tomtom and turn off BT. Then start everything up and it connects most of the time. Once the connection is made the setup works perfectly so it's definitely a BT issue. However you can imagine this could be pretty annoying when you're in the car and you really need directions fast. And if I have to disconnect to answer a call or if I just exit the TT application, the blue light of the receiver keeps blinking quick, so the connection is never released. When I try to reconnect it's very likely I get the same issue described above.

    I noticed I have a better chance of getting a connection if I do not add the GSat receiver to the trusted devices list and just let it recognize it and use it when I startup Tomtom. Also disabling the caching of names of devices in the BT setup helps.

    I'm just trying to figure out if anybody else has similar problems... I want to narrow down the problem. Is it the receiver, the Treo BT, both? Any workarounds?
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    Is your TT6 works ok for over 10 minutes ?
    I have all kinds of problems with 680 and TT6. My BT receiver is Polstar i-Geo
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    I'm having similar problems with TT6 and my Freedom Mini BT GPS. It will connect, but it takes a full 5 minutes. This isn't a satellite lock problem, or even a BT problem, since I can connect very quickly with WAI. I wonder if it's a memory issue or maybe the SD card is too slow?
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    OK, made some progress here. After your GPS locks to satellites try shutting down BT on your Treo then restarting it before starting TT6. Doing that usually gets TT running in under 3 minutes for me.

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