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    hi my brother just gave me his treo 650 but i am completely blind from this phone.I just bought a new 2GB SDcard but dont know how to put mp3 files on it and when i try to HOTSYNC it,it keeps telling my "THE CONNECTION BETWEEN YOUR HANDHELD COMPUTER AND THE DESKTOP COULD NOT BE ESTABLISHED.PLEASE CHECK YOUR SETUP AND TRY AGAIN" i have unhooked the cable several times and i still received that message.Please help i cant wait to start listening to music on it.I need help on how to set it up what softwares i need,how do i install softwares,games etc just to be able to play music on it .Thank you in advance HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! and whats the ROM everybody keeps talking about?
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    the custom ROM you just need to do a lot of research on. the info is there just look. way to much info to list here.

    as for you not being able to sync the phone, it just might be a bad connection between the phone, and the cable, i have read to but a rubber band around the phone/connection at the bottom of phone, to hold the cable on tighter
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    If all else fails, just put a folder called "AUDIO" on your SD card and transfer your mp3 files from a computer with an SD card reader. That's what I do, and RealPlayer finds them and plays them just fine.

    Good luck!

    By the way, you will get better results with a thread title like "Problems with hotsync". And there is a forum for hotsync issues. You should start a thread there.
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