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    I'm 99% sure that a 3rd party app is causing this problem, but wanted to throw it out there to see if it was affecting anyone else... Sometimes when I try to enter text on my Centro (e.g. a new calendar entry, a new phone number, or even a numerical password to get into PocketQuicken), pressing the shift or option key only results in a really quick "flash" of the up arrow (in the case of the shift button) or a black circle (in the case of the option button). In other words, the shift or option button works, but only for half a second. This means that in order to type a capital letter or a number/symbol, I have to type it super-fast after pressing the shift or option key. Really a pain--especially when I'm just trying to type an apostrophe in an e-mail. Has anyone ever had this problem before? It goes away after a while (don't know exactly how or why).

    Here are the aps that I think are the most likely culprit (based on when I started having this problem and when I installed them):
    Softick Audio Gateway (v.1.17)

    Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Any tips on possible solutions? Thanks!
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    I am also using treomemo and have not noticed the problems you mentioned. Hope that helps rule out at least one possibility.
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    Sorry for the double post, I'm mobile right now and did not see an edit option.

    Just wanted to add I am using version 1.201 of TreoMemo, which the updater said is most recent.
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    Thanks for the input. I had a feeling Treomemo wasn't the offending app.

    Also, I forgot to add Fontsmoother to the list -- is anyone who is using Fontsmoother also having this problem? (or am I the only one?)

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